How you’re helping

By braving the shave, you’re making sure that Macmillan can be there for people with cancer and their families.

Here are some of the ways the money you raise could make a massive difference.

Funding Macmillan nurses

One way your support could help people affected by cancer is through funding our amazing Macmillan nurses.


‘Gill’s given me strength and courage’

When Dave was told he had prostate cancer, his Macmillan nurse, Gill, was there to support him – right from the moment he was diagnosed, through his treatment and beyond


Building and improving information and support centres

Your donations could help to maintain and build new Macmillan information and support centres.

‘The centre was unbelievable and full of lovely people’

Thom found his Macmillan information and support centre at Derriford Hospital to be a haven in between his chemotherapy sessions.


Providing financial support and advice

The money you raise could be spent on employing Macmillan benefits advisers and giving one-off grants to people in financial need.

‘My Macmillan grant was a godsend’

After talking to one of our Macmillan Support Line advisers about her unmanageable oil bill, Philomena received a £350 grant from Macmillan.

This not only meant she could heat her home through winter, but it was one less thing to worry about on top of her cancer diagnosis.

How your money could help

  • £10

    spent on the Macmillan Support Line could lead to us helping someone claim £409 in benefits.
  • £185

    could pay for a Macmillan Grant that helps a person living with cancer heat their home.
  • £360

    could help run a large Macmillan information and support centre for a day.
  • £1,020

    could fund a Macmillan nurse for a week, helping people living with cancer and their families.